Compassion without Borders strongly believes in providing access to veterinary care and spay/neuter to animals that would otherwise go without due to financial, cultural and geographic barriers.

We break down those barriers by bringing low cost services to these communities, setting up in low-income neighborhoods, providing bilingual care and approaching each client and animal we serve with compassion and respect.


Each month CWOB hosts free veterinary wellness clinics for underserved communities, primarily targeting low-income Latino neighborhoods. These areas have a high concentration of animals that would otherwise go without these services due to a variety of socioeconomic  factors, along with the fact that many of the people in this areas do not speak English.

The goal of our clinic is to provide the animals, and the families who love them, with compassionate care and veterinary wellness services; vaccinations, deworming, flea control, microchips and ID tags. Animals are also signed up for low-cost spay/neuter through  partner agencies and spay/neuter clinics or sterilized through one of our spay/neuter clinics.

See us in action: Click here for some stunning photographs taken from some of our north of the border clinics.


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